Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Tealight Holders using Natural materials - Happy Festivities !!!

Hello everyone, hope all are enjoying the festive season.  It's the time of the year that's  filled with  joy and warmth. The homes are adorned with beautiful rangolis, diyas, garlands, lanterns and festive decor pieces. I completely enjoy decorating the home and the happiness doubles when its done with handmade decor...I  am sure many of you feel the same !!!
Today's post is my Design Team post for Itsy Bitsy. I am sharing some interesting  DIY  ideas  to make tealight holders, using natural materials.  Children can also be involved to make them.  After all festivals are all about family and friends......So lets's get started and spread brightness around !!!!

I have a step wise picture tutorial of not one, not two, but six different ideas here.... All using natural materials. Its a picture heavy post, so sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities !!! Do not forget to make one for yourself and add a handmade touch to your decor....

1. Tealight holder with wooden bark - 

2. Tealight holder with skeleton leaves-

3. Tealight holder with jute chord- 

4. Tealight holder with wooden discs- 

5. Tealight holder with burlap- 

6. Tealight holder with wicker ball- 

Hope you liked the tealight holder ideas using the natural materials. They have their own uniqueness and elegance, amidst the otherwise bright festive decor.

Wishing everyone happiness, peace and prosperity ......Have a great time  !!!!

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!

Vaishali Khandwala

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Hello friends. 

Hope everyone is crafting great !!! Today's project is an extension to my last creation - Decoupaged Candle with Embossing Texture Paste effects. The beautiful candle needed an equally beautiful space for display....and that brought in the idea of creating a platter for it, which would also work as a center piece for the table !!!

Handmade Succulents from  Itsy Bitsy have always been on my wish list...So the next thought as I developed the idea was to use the beautiful succulents to decorate the platter and make a 'Succulent Platter' with space for candle. The platter definitely creates  a happy, warm corner at home and makes a perfect decor piece for the upcoming festive season !!!!

This creation is also my inspiration post for the Itys Bitsy's current month blog challenge where 'Anything goes with Embossing Texture Paste ', so do play along and have fun.  Looking forward to your beautiful creations.

Have used embossing texture paste in different ways in this platter. The embossing texture paste creates lovely textures, which compliment the succulents and of course the decoupaged candle.

I have recycled a fiber frame, (that came as part of fancy packaging for dryfruits) to make the platter. The size of platter is 11 x 8.5 inch. You can recycle any old tray/ frame or even work on reverse of a frame canvas to make the platter. The frame that I recycled had some self textures on it. In case you are working on a plain surface then you can create textures using fiber paste or grainy texture paste from the store. I have a  video tutorial explaining the process of making the platter, along with helpful information regarding embossing texture paste, which is available in 12 beautiful colours.

Had  also shared a  video tutorial of Decoupage on Candle, in my last post. In case you missed it here's the link. Hope you enjoy the video tutorials and find them useful to create something unique for celebrating the festivities.

Do check some still close ups below,  before you hop on to the tutorials -

Frothy effect created by the embossing texture paste.

The gorgeous succulents- these handmade, paper succulents are available both as ornamental flower bunches and 3 dimensional forms in paper vases and cork pots. This product from Itsy Bitsy's own brand Little Birdie is sure to add great dimension to your projects, especially the 3D miniatures.

Have used natural materials like sisal fiber, burlap sheet,  brown paper cylinder (card board tubes),  mini unfinished wooden discs (wooden log slices ), wooden green beads, green hemp, mix media stones. They all blend well with each other and compliment the succulents along with the effects created by embossing texture paste.

Top view of stepping stones in my little succulent garden.

I call this creation - 'My Happy Place' as making this brought me a lot of happiness and a I feel like staying in this garden space all day long. The glow of the candle adds warmth and magic me a fairy land kind of feel and cannot stop imagining myself jumping on the stepping stones and playing amidst beautiful flowers, birds and butterflies !!!!


Wooden log and Succulent embellishments.

My Happy Place

The  platter makes a lovely decor piece for dining table or center table. With space for candle.... its sure to spread warmth and welcome the guest in style.

Hope you liked the creation. Do not forget to like, comment and subscribe to my you tube channel for regular updates. Sharing link to my you tube channel.

Looking forward to hear from you. 

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!
Happy Crafting...

Vaishali Khandwala

Monday, 17 September 2018

Candle Decoupage with Embossing Texture Paste Effects

Hello friends. Hope all of you are doing great. 

Today's post is very special to me as I am sharing my first craft video tutorial with everyone.  I am grateful to each one of you for showering so much love and support to my blog posts and appreciating the the content shared in the step wise picture tutorials. Hoping that you will enjoy my video tutorial and find it useful as well.
With the upcoming festive season, candles make a great gifting option. Today's post is about decoupage on candles and adding interesting effect to it with embossing texture paste. It is also my Design Team post for Itsy Bitsy- inspiration for the current month blog challenge where anything goes with embossing texture paste.

I have used embossing texture paste from Itsy Bitsy's own brand 'Little Birdie', to add interest to the otherwise simple decoupaged candle. 

Some important features of embossing texture paste-  
  1. Embossing texture paste comes in 12 different colours, in wide mouth jars for ease of use.
  2. It is a thick paste that can be applied through stencils or directly.
  3. You can use it with palette knife or  brush.
  4. It is a heat embossing texture paste which means that  the paste bubbles up to give a frothy/ puffed effect , when exposed to heat, using  a heat gun. Hair dryer does not do the job.
  5. The embossing texture paste can be used on all surfaces like wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper, fabric, terracotta etc.
  6. The paste is not washable, however  it is water resistant when dry. It adheres to the surface permanently, once heat set. Does not come off.
  7. The amount of bubbling / puffing of paste is proportionate to the thickness of paste applied and to the amount of heat/ time of heat, it is exposed to. More the thickness of paste applied, bigger will be the texture created and apply less thickness of paste for finer texture. Similarly, more the heat time, more will be the bubbling up and vice versa.
  8. Once the embossing paste is heat set to create the texture, it dries instantly and  can be further coloured with acrylic paints or colour sprays.
  9. When the embossing texture paste is heat set, the colour of paste lightens to a large extent.
  10. The embossing paste is used to add textures and give further depth and dimension to the project. It is a great way to create a moss effect or a frosty, snow effect with ease.
A bit about Decoupage on Candle- 
There are different ways of working on candles. Here I have decoupaged on candle, using decoupage napkins. I have used a white, cylindrical,  pillar candle that was lying with me. You can use candle of any shape and size. Itsy Bitsy has a wide range of candle making supplies for those who like to make their own candles. Have used  decoupage napkin named, 'Herbal Shelf' , from the store. Many beautiful designs are available in the decoupage craft category of the store. Basically the idea is to set the napkin into the candle, using a heat tool. With the heat tool, the wax melts, allowing  the napkin to adhere to the candle. Decoupage glue is not used for this work.
If you do not have a heat tool, you can use a hair dryer or iron for the process. However heat tool makes the process much easier and gives better results.

Tips for using Embossing Texture Paste on Candles-
I have used, embossing texture paste (colour - Berry Bliss) on candle, as this colour goes well with the colours in the decoupage napkin used. The embossing texture paste needs to be used with a little care on the candle, as when the paste is exposed to heat, the candle wax also melts . So do not use the heat tool continuously, stop or take it away in between. Else the wax may melt too much, distorting the shape of candle. Also when using the  embossing paste on top edge of candle, the wax melts and drips down on the already decoupaged napkin. Wipe that off immediately.

Close up of embossing texture paste effect- it's great for Christmas Candles.

Wonderful glow when lighted.

The beautiful succulents, napkin design- 'Herbal Shelf', with so much depth.

Here is the link to the video tutorial,  explaining  the entire process of decoupage on candle along with some added tips and information on how to use decoupage candles.

Hope you enjoy the video and find it informative. Looking forward to your feedback, with lots of excitement. 

Some pictures-

Wishing that the glow of candle brightens your space and adds lots of warmth and happiness to your lives.

Happy Crafting till we meet again.

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!

Vaishali Khandwala.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Decoupage Tote Bag- Fabric Decoupage with a Twist

Hello my arty, crafty friends, Hope you all are doing great. 
I am super excited about sharing this fabric decoupage project with everyone.  Its my DT creation for Itsy Bitsy. Many of you must have explored decoupage on fabric. When working on a fabric surface, one medium that I find  interesting is ‘ Fabric Stiffener’. This wonderful product  has various uses and I have used it in some unique ways in my creation.
I have a step wise picture tutorial of this Decoupaged Tote Bag, so sit back , relax and enjoy this new technique here
Some close ups
The dimensional effect

The grooved effect

Do check the tutorial to know how to create these amazing effects with decoupage napkins and fabric stiffener.

Fabric Stiffener is an amazing product, when working with fabrics. Have used it earlier as well to create a fabric clock. 
For the clock, I have used the fabric stiffener to stiffen the cloth. This helped the cloth to remain firm and the clock machine could be fixed to the cloth with ease. I am so thankful to Itsy Bitsy’s own brand Little Birdie for making this wonderful product.
Say ‘No’ to plastic bags, design your own cloth bags and use them to save the environment ……flaunt them around as well when you have a beautiful handmade one !!!!

Happy Crafting till we meet again.
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!
Vaishali K.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Hello friends....
Hope all are doing great !!! 
Greeting everyone  with a big smile ....and yes there is always a reason to smile !!!  'I choose to face whatever comes my way with a smile and be the reason to bring smiles as well....... spreading brightness and happiness around' mason jar expresses exactly that !!!

I had a  mason jar lying at my home with a  broken lid and was no longer in use, however it had many makeover possibilities. I altered it  to make a beautiful table lamp, using decoupage technique and the recently launched, new thin cut dies of Itsy Bitsy. 
The altered jar is my DT creation for Itsy Bitsy and you can view the step wise picture tutorial for the same here.

Sharing some interesting picture of the altered mason jar table lamp.

Threaded decoupage technique.

Grass with embossing texture paste

The Victorain Lamp Post

View of the jar without light

Happy bird chirping with joy  in the beautiful garden.

The altered mason jar lamp adds warmth to the decor, bringing in elements of nature and creating a cosy corner in the home.  The die cuts have added so much depth and interest  to the decoupage work. Had never thought about them in this way before.....They help me build a garden scene on the mason jar. 

To light up the lamp, you can use a strip or string led light , that can be inserted from the mouth of the jar.

Hope I have inspired you to put together different techniques and materials to transform an ordinary object to beautiful decor piece.

Keep Smiling and take care till we meet again.
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!
Vaishali K.

Sunday, 22 July 2018


Hello everyone...Hope all are crafting great !!! 

I completely enjoy decoupage and its always great to explore new ways of using this craft technique. Most of us know about various mediums used for mix media. Modelling paste and texture paste are widely used mediums to create textures. In my creation, I have used modelling paste to give depth and dimension to the otherwise flat decoupage work.....

Follow the link here for a step wise picture tutorial of creating this happy garden space for the peacock on canvas- ' Peacock Eden' !!!
The link also has useful information about decoupage with napkins.

Some close ups-
'SEIZE TODAY' - Seize the happiness today in the moment !!!!

Embellishments - chipboard shapes and paper flowers used for further enhancement .

I love the brick effect seen through the printed napkin

The stenciling creates a border, compliments the napkin design and gives an ethnic touch.

Hope you like this idea of decoupage over a created textured area. It adds depth and gives a wonderful dimension.

Happy Crafting till we meet again ....

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!

Vaishlali K.

Sunday, 1 July 2018


Hello friends ....Hope everyone is crafting great !!!

Today's post is about different techniques that can be done with chalk paints. These techniques help to create beautiful backgrounds for decoupage, mix media or any other craft form that you enjoy. I have used new bright chalk paints from Itsy Bitsy and mdf (wooden) pieces to demonstrate six techniques !!!!

 Here's some useful information about chalk paints.
  • Chalk paints are acrylic paints with a chalky matte finish. No stickiness at all. This makes them great for furniture, box edges jamming of lids, drawer edges etc with them.
  • They can be used on all surfaces, directly without applying gesso.
  • They have a great coverage and are fast drying.
  • They can be mixed with each other to get different shades. Once dry they can be layered with other colours.
  • They can be mixed with gel mediums, texture paste , retarders and other mediums as well.
  • They can be easily sanded to get a further smooth finish and oppositely to get distressed look.
  • Great for dry brushing.
TECHNIQUE 1 - To create Sponged and Concrete Effect.

Steps to create the effects

Close up of concrete effect

TECHNIQUE  2 - Create a rust effect- Colour Layering.

Colour Layering process

TECHNIQUE 3-  Background with Texture tool and Chalk paints.

Steps for using texture tool

TECHNIQUE 4 - Fabric Effect with Dry Brushing.

 Process of dry brushing colours from light to dark 

TECHNIQUE 5- Background with Tissue paper.

Steps to create the effect

TECHNIQUE 6 - Distressing using wax technique. 

So here are some  background techniques using chalk paints. I hope they will be useful to you in your projects. I have varnished each piece with water based, decor varnish matte from Itsy Bitsy. You can read details about these wonderful techniques here

Spreading cheer and warmth with these happy colours ....
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!
Vaishali K.