Monday, 3 July 2017


Hello everyone. A warm welcome to my bird house !!!!

Today I have a step wise tutorial of my mix media project....A  bird house shape, mdf, piggy bank. So here you go....

Sand the mdf bird house. Unscrew the door of piggy bank and keep it aside. 
Stick some corrugated sheets of packaging on the roof of the house. 
Now cover the entire house with white gesso, including the corrugated sheets and let it dry completely.

Next I decided to add some crackle effect and exposed brick wall effect. 
For this, I  applied white crackle paint with palette knife on the roof and some areas of wall. While applying the paste, I varied the thickness, to get various sizes of cracks. 
I have used crackle paint from Decoart. As the paint dries, it gives egg shell cracks. Thicker layer gives larger cracks and thinner layer gives smaller cracks. 

Its worth the wait to see the cracks appear !!!!  They add so much dimension to the project. 
Remember let the crackle paint dry naturally. Do not use heat tool.

Next step is to create exposed brick walls. I did so by using brick stencil with Mont Marte modelling paste.

Let all the mediums dry completely, preferably overnight. 
Now begins the fun part.....To colour and embellish !!!!
I have stamped some leaves with black archival ink on the roof and base. Also done some random hash, background stamping. Do not do any work in the part, where door is to be fixed. 

I have coloured using spray colours from Lindys. Some purple, yellow and pink hues on the walls. A dash of orange and yellow on the roof. Highlighted the corrugations with copper colour acrylic. 
Spray the colours and spritz water to move them as desired, especially in the cracks. Give natural drying time between two colours or set with a drying tool. 

Colours can be of your choice and play with them till you get the desired effect. 
Now embellish with available materials from your stash. 

Final look of the bird house piggy banks, with some close ups

Small tip- when arranging the flowers, use a mix of small and big. Do not leave much gaps between the flowers.

I have covered the door with gesso. Stamped with my favourite lattice stamp and distressed the edges with pearlised rust acrylic paint. 

This bird house piggy bank  can be a wonderful piece of decor in a girl's room ...a wonderful gifting option as well. 

Hope you loved this beautiful bird house...I enjoyed making it.!!!

Happy Crafting....
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!