Wednesday, 26 June 2019


Hello friends. Hope all are crafting great.
In my post today, I have two decor panels using Little Birdie(Itsy Bitsy )Pearl Drops, in two different ways. The panels make beautiful gifts for special occasions. Have a look!

I have used plain  MDF panels of size 8 x 6 inches as my base. A size that’s good to hang and display on an easel as well. You can use canvas too, instead of MDF. 
I have a stepwise tutorial of both the panels  here
Some close ups of Love panel-

The perching bird on the base of sisal fiber, wooden peg to clip a message, twisted rope work and beautiful Pearl Drops, completed this panel. 

Having done the rope and twine work, it was time to use the wonderful Pearl Drops. I have added the drops at the joints of criss-cross lines. The colour which I chose for this was- Gray Sky. The pearl Drops work as fantastic embellishments. They added so much depth and uniqueness to the panel !!!
Close ups of Inlay Panel -

To do the inlay work, I have used the Pearl Drops. Filled the gaps, created by the chipboard shape, with 4 colours of Pearl Drops. The effect was very unique. 

The beautiful, greenish  stone effect, created with Stone Texture Paste Apple Mint was further highlighted with golden metallic paint.

Final look of each panel -

Love Panel with multi colour stenciling, stone texture paste, decoupage and pearl drops. 

Panel with Inlay pattern and chipboard jali

Hope you liked the decor panels.

Happy Crafting.

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!

Friday, 17 May 2019

Aqua Medley with Metallic Waxes- Coordinated Table Decor with Mix Media and Decoupage techniques

Hello friends...Hope all are crafting great !!

Sharing today my Desin Team post for Itsy Bitsy. It is also my inspirational post for their current month's Blog Challenge, where you can make -'Anything with the brand's newly launched Metallic Waxes'. I completely enjoyed using them and have crafted a coordinated set of tissue box and cutlery stand. This table decor  involves both mixed media and decoupage techniques, giving it a dual look. Do read till the end to see  different, interesting views of the creation.

About metallic waxes- The metallic waxes, available in awesome colours are used for adding shine and rich, metallic finish to various surfaces like wood, paper, clay, glass, fabric etc. They work great when you need to highlight textures. You can add a touch of colour with them as well, using a soft brush.  They create a water resistant surface after drying.

Using waxes obviously meant creating textures. Itsy Bisty has a wide range of mixed media supplies. So many choices to create amazing textures and this is overwhelming. Finally I decided to work with another wonderful product....a product that is not explored much - Fabric Stiffener. I love this product from the store and have used it in the past, in my decoupage projects as well. This time, have used it to create texture and add dimension to the plain wooden bases. To know how follow the link here

Closer view of the texture created with the fabric stiffener

The mix media side of tissue box - 

The decoupage side with grooved effect- 

The decoupaged and the mix media sides compliment each other perfectly. 

The teal and antique gold is a rich and elegant combination. 

The fall of fabric from one side to another, creating a beautiful texture.

It's school  holidays here and my daughter also got excited to use the waxes, observing me.  So decided to make a coordinated cutlery holder with the tissue box. Both would make a great table decor and the idea brought in so much happiness to my daughter.
The procedure for the cutlery holder is same as the tissue box. Have given it a dual look as well with mix media and decoupage. Here it is - 

The mix media side- my daughter enjoyed working with waxes. She coloured most of this !!!

The decoupage side- 

Grooved decoupage with design continuity- 

And this is how the coordinated set looks together- 

They enhance the table space and am so happy to have created utility products, that I always intend to.

Hope you like my creations with dual look and techniques and of course the metallic waxes. 

Happy Crafting,

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!

Vaishali Khandwala.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Happy Birthday...A Decoupaged Layout with Water Colour Embellishments.

Hello friends…Hope all are doing great. Sharing today my DT post for Itsy Bitsy.
This is the first time I am sharing a layout and it is one with decoupage !!! 
I have made this 12 x 12 inch layout using decoupage technique and watercolour embellishments.  Hope you are excited  to see how a scrapbook layout can be decoupaged and can be a great  party decor piece as well !!!

Apart from decoupage, I have played around with some beautiful watercolour embellishments on a 8 x 8 inch burlap canvas. The embellishments from Itsy Bitsy are versatile and can be a part of any craft form. Have a look.

Some close ups-

Water colour banner shapes used as photo mat. Have decoupaged a napkin with cute picture of girl on the banner. You can adhere an original picture of birthday girl/ boy too, for a personalized one.

Have given a base of sisal fiber to the coloured flower embellishments. Created beads with pearl drops. 

Water colour bricks are interesting to play with. Have decoupaged them in my layout. 

The stepped decoupage look created with bricks...Bricks are available in rectangular, triangular, hexagon shapes too. 

Have coloured all the water colour embellishments with distress inks.

Once the canvas was ready, it  was time to give the canvas a backdrop and make it a part of the layout.  So, I mounted it on a thick 12 x 12 inch chipboard. Decoupaged a grey wood grain paper from the paper pack ‘Cottage Lace’ on the chipboard. Further created some layers with a pink polka dot paper (with distressed edges ) and green  burlap sheet. For firmness and ease of cutting, I used burlap sheet from the store that comes with a backing.

Party decoration is incomplete without a banner. So added one to the layout. To make the banner, I have used three triangular watercolour pieces from the banner pack. Decoupaged them with small napkin pieces from my stash. Have done colour blending around the napkin, using distress inks for oneness

Added some glitter when the applied varnish was wet.

The final look. Hope you liked it. Click the link here for the detailed step wise tutorial of the decoupaged layout. 

Happy Crafting 
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!
Vaishali Khandwala. 

Monday, 25 March 2019

Welcome – Medley with Mandala and Watercolour Embellishments

Hello friends,
Warm welcome to all the readers. Today I am sharing an interesting medley of some wonderful new products, that are a part of my Itsy Bitsy  DT kit for this month. The post is also my Design Team post for the brand. 

In the picture above are some of the products from my kit, that I have crafted with to make a WELCOME BOARD. Have also used the beautiful Mandala stencil with different mediums, in different ways on different surfaces. 
Some interesting images of the Welcome Board. 
Has some decoupaged tiny flowers, butterflies and bird. 
Water colour effect given on Welcome cut out using distress inks. Also gave a stitched line effect with black permanent marker.
Added fine glitter on flowers and welcome cut out when the varnish was still wet.
Stenciling done with modelling paste mixed with chalk paint colour and have used the Mandala Decor stencil. 
The final look
 Hope you liked my Welcome medley with mandala and watercolour elements.Here's the link to the detailed step wise picture tutorial of the creation. 
Will be exploring the watercolour embellishments, in the next post as well. For now let me quickly take you though my creations using the mandala stencil. The mandala decor stencils from Itsy Bitsy are huge, overall 14 x 14 inch (mandala – 12 x 12 inch ),  available in 4 beautiful designs. They can be used to design various decor products like wall pieces, lamp shades, clocks, cushion covers, on furniture and so on. However, it is not necessary to use the stencil as a whole. There are smaller elements within the design that can be used on smaller surfaces as well, making the product versatile. Have used the stencil design – Glamour Bloom.
Stenciling with chalk paints on fabric-

Stenciling with sparkle paste on burlap journal cover- 
Have also used 3D pearl drops for added dimension and effect. 

Stenciling with embossing texture paste on paper envelopes-

A detailed information on stenciling with different mediums is also shared in the above link. Do visit and be a part of my explorations with Mandala Decor stencil.

Hope you like my creations. Happy Crafting.

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!
Vaishali Khandwala

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Home Decor- Cast with Cement and Love

Hello friends…Hope all are  crafting great !!!!  
I am very excited to share my creations using Itsy Bitsy's home brand, Little Birdie’s Craft Cement. The post is also my Design team post for Itsy Bitsy. Being an architect, have learnt all about cement and concrete, but never worked hands on with it. So in the middle of my excitement and concerns, ended up working on two projects …what if one cracks ???
To my happiness both the projects turned out great….no cracks and perfect unmolding. Craft Cement is a great material to create decor products with organic look. Have created two  home decor products  – a soap dispenser and a  key holder. 

Some interesting pictures and close ups of soap dispenser-

Ceramic knobs make great embellishment for the dispenser along with
 beads and succulent flower.

Combination of Glass and Cement is elegant. 

Explored stenciling with cement slurry and it turned out interestingly great.
Also check out textures created on plastic glass with cement mix and bubble wrap.

Working with cement can be addictive. Had learned about cement concrete reinforcement. Reinforcement is used when casting larger cement structures like columns, beams etc. Also used for shaping to create cement sculptures. Wanted to give it a try in a smaller way here and this gave shape to the next  home decor piece – a key holder, for which I have used steel wire mesh as reinforcement. Wire mesh is easily available in any local hardware shop.

Here are some details of cement key holder-

Have used wire mesh as reinforcement to hold the two cement panels. 

Wire mesh enhances the raw look of cement.

Decoupage and gold highlights compliment the natural look of cement.

Here's the link to the detailed stepwise tutorial of the cement creations.Read till the end to know how both can be used differently as well !!!

Hope you liked my Home Decor Creations- Cast with Cement and Love,  for a ‘Home with Love’!!!

Happy Crafting
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!
Vaishali Khandwala