Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Happy HOME Decor using chalk paints.

Hello friends...Hope everyone is doing great. 

As you know I love creating decor products. Today I would be sharing a  decor piece made using decoupage and mix media techniques. 
Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it !!!! I have experimented with many new craft products in this creation.
The creation is also my DT post for Itsy Bitsy, as an inspiration for their monthly blog challenge - where anything goes using the new happy bright chalk paints.

This welcoming piece is around 24 inch length and 9 inch height. Its sure to enhance the living space and add warmth to the home !!!!

Some close ups - 

A cosy nest for the birds 

Windows, curtain and blooming flowers 

Home Sweet Home ...where happiness and love grows !!!

A space where Family has laods of fun !!!

I have a step wise picture tutorial of this creation here.....It is inspired from the beautiful Gulmohar tree that is in full  bloom at this time of the year, here in Mumbai. The orange chalk paint colour depicts the bright Gulmohar flowers and the grey background  are the grey clouds that cover the sky as the monsoons begin here as well..... so here is a HAPPY  HOME under the shade of Gulmohar tree....whose branches  gently sways with the music of monsoons !!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Home where all your dreams come true....
Happy Crafting...
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!
Vaishali  K.

Monday, 28 May 2018


Hello everyone.

Happy to be writing today about a wonderful technique -Photo Transfer also known as Image Transfer !!!! Yes its indeed transferring your imaginations, memories and creating beautiful treasures from them....

I have done photo transfer on various surfaces, like metal, glass, wood , fabric and chipboard, using the recently launched photo transfer medium from Itsy Bitsy. The photo transfer medium has perfect consistency and gives wonderful results, when done systematically with loads of patience. Try it once and am sure you will enjoy the process... Its pretty addictive as have many projects to share... Let's get started !!!!

Project 1 - Metal Planter ...Let's go to the flower market to fill the planter !!!

Project 2 - Glass lamp / votive

Project 3- Keepsake Wooden box

Project 4 -Canvas Potli pouch- transfer on fabric

Project 5 - Transferring a black and white image on chipboard.

I have photo transferred a black and white image on to a  coaster size, mdf  piece to create a magnet. To create interest, I have adhered chipboard bricks from the store to the mdf square piece using silicon glue. Next I painted the whole surface with chalk paint frozen ice. When completely dry, I transferred a black and white image. Interestingly, the white areas got completely eliminated while rubbing the paper layers. That's a great feature of the photo transfer medium from Itsy Bitsy. You can see the background colour (in this case blue) through the white areas and the design in black seems almost printed.

For the final touches, I highlighted the chipboard lines with silver gel pen and embellished with paper twine and flower. Also distressed the edges with black chalk paint. Isn't that 
cool !!!! Not to forget that for all the creations, I have sealed the transferred image with photo transfer medium and varnished the entire product with decor varnish for further protection.

There are many among us, who are painters, graphic designers... this technique is  a great way to get your designs transferred on to objects to create unique handmade, gifting products. Also helps create personalized gifts with personal pictures.

Do give this technique a try...Follow the link here for detailed step wise tutorial of the above creations and some important tips for photo transfer. 

Looking forward to your creations.

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Hello friends. Hope everyone is doing great !!!!

Today I have a decoupage project to share with a step wise picture tutorial .
Each time , I decoupage a tray, I always think as to how else can a simple serving tray be used. This time, I have converted it to a decor piece which tells you time, date, holds  a message and a bunch of keys. And of course enhances the wall space in style …..

Have also decoupaged a pen holder to create a co ordinating set.

I have used the recently launched decoupage papers from Itsy Bitsy to transform the tray...Infact all the products are from the store. You can visit the link here for the tutorial and some amazing features of the decoupage papers from Itsy Bitsy.

Some close ups of the creation.

This post is also an inspirational post, announcing the Itsy Bitsy Monthly Blog
Challenge #14 . Its about using recently launched decoupage papers from Itsy Bitsy in your creation. Do check the guidelines and  looking forward to your participation.

Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!

Friday, 20 April 2018


Hello everyone.  

Hope all of you are doing great. Today's post is about one of the most interesting  aspect of decoupage ....Reverse Decoupage !!!!

Reverse - the word made me visit moments  down the memory lane.....the lovely childhood days and vacation times !!!!  It's this time of the year when  it is school holidays in most parts of India and mason jars at homes are filled with sour raw mangoes and tamarinds.....An opportunity to engage in some naughtiness....sneak into the kitchen and grab some delicacies, as the mother takes an afternoon nap. I am sure many of us can relate to this !!!!

My creation today.....An acrylic photo frame with reverse decoupage  depicts one such simple,  naughty childhood moment.

Some close ups of the photo frame and mason jar shape magnet 

I completely enjoyed the process of reverse decoupage and the crackle effect seen through the transparent surface is amazing. If you wish to give this technique a try do visit my Design Team post on  Itsy Bitsy blog here. I have a detailed step wise picture tutorial of the acrylic photo frame. 

Crackle medium and reverse decoupage compliment each other wonderfully. I also made an acrylic coaster size magnet using reverse decoupage technique. This time I have used two step crackle medium and have step wise images of its procedure as well on the above link.

Hope I have inspired you to try these wonderful techniques...Do give them a try.

Happy Crafting....
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Hello friends
Hope everyone is doing great.....Its a very happy and fulfilling moment for me that I am a part of the Itsy Bitsy design team 2018 !!!!
Expressing my feelings through my new  creation , a decoupaged Letter Holder.....A  little birdie finds a cosy space in my creation and says 'CHERISH THE MOMENT ' and indeed I will cherish this happiness and honor forever .....

I have altered a simple mdf plank to a letter holder using decoupage technique and two step crackle medium, a recently  launched medium by Itsy Bitsy. 
The letter holder has some blooming flowers, fluttering  butterflies and a chirping bird to welcome the Spring Season...Yes its the time of the year for new beginnings and so do I have new phase in my crafting journey....!!!!

Some close ups of the letter holder

                                                                                               Home for the little bird......

The lovely crackle effect of the two step crackle medium

The letter holder has a space for a handy brush or pencil too......

I have explained the difference between one step and two step crackle medium along with a detailed step wise picture tutorial of the letter rack here 
Also check out some useful tips on using the crackle medium.

Create, Express, Enjoy....

Monday, 12 March 2018


Hello everyone 
Kitchen is that room in the home where food is it that simple.
It is said that the thoughts with which food is cooked, makes a lot of difference to our health. Food cooked with positive thoughts and love makes all the difference. It is rightly said
Sharing today handmade decor products, that enhance the kitchen space and make it inviting....and not to forget they have an attached utility as well !!!!

Shapes are very important to me, when I design. The chopping board shape is very interesting and apt for a kitchen decor. I have used it in various create a message/ reminder board, accessory holder and a wall clock.

These message boards,can also be used as magnets, when made in a smaller size.
These boards are made of mdf and are styled using decoupage technique. I have adhered  printed tissues and blended them by creating appropriate backgrounds. 
Every board has a wooden peg to hold a message. Embellishing the boards with twines, laces, flowers is interesting... I love to add details....

These wall pieces are bigger, around 1 feet and thicker as well...making them strong enough to hold cups, spoons, kitchen towels and other accessories...
They also carry a little note pad  for reminders and receipes....

Every woman is the queen of her kitchen and prepares her Ghar ka Khana everyday with love and meeting the time of everyone... A beautiful wall clock for all the lovely  ladies !!!!
Click here to visit the picture tutorial for this wall clock.

ALUMINIUM KETTLES makes a great decor piece for the kitchen and dining tops. 
This is one of my most loved, decoupaged creation, with coordinating coasters.....
Isn't it bright and cheerful !!!!

PICKLE JARS...these are sure to remind us of our grandparents. Each Indian home is definitely  a proud owner of one. 
Have decoupaged it with rice paper to make a great centre piece and perfect for dry serving.

MASON JARS....many of us have a collection of these in different sizes...
Its fun to alter them, they can be used as lamps as well...I have decoupaged them with rice paper, this time from the inside of jar....

MASON JAR SHAPE CHALKBOARDS....This interesting object when crafted in 2 dimension, turned into a great chalkboard. A utility product, that reminds of childhood. The fun of writing with chalks can never be forgotten and we look forward to it even today !!!

Again it is the shape of this object, that brings along so many ideas and urge to craft....
I have used decoupage technique to craft this caddy. It has a space to hold a couple of small mason jars and a cheerful bird to chirp all day through !!!

I have a step wise picture tutorial for this kitchen caddy here

I hope you have enjoyed this picture heavy post as much as I enjoyed sharing ideas for the kitchen space....
Create, Express, Enjoy ....
Happy Crafting !!!!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Hello friends 
I am sure that with that with the start of the new year, you would have bought new diaries and planners ....they come across as gifts as well. Sharing today a picture tutorial to add a handmade touch to the plain diary cover and making it interesting to use....
I have used mix media technique for this alteration.

Step- 1 Start working on the front cover of the diary 

Step-2  Here you can add any die cuts, handmade paper, laces, trims available with you. 

Step -3  Add textures with modelling paste. I have used Mont Marte modelling paste. This is to create effects in the background.

Step -4 Now its time to glue variety of embellishments. Use up things from your stash rather than purchasing stuff from the market. At this stage, composition is very important. Arrange the embellishments to create a good form and define a focal point.

Step -5 Next is to cover everything with black gesso using brush or sponge. I have used black gesso from Mont Marte. Once the black gesso dries completely, do a  dry brushing with white gesso.

Step -6 Its time to add colours. I have used water based  sprays. You can used acrylics also. If using acrylics with brush, use feather light storkes, do not over brush. 

Step -7 Colour to get the desired effect, give depth to the focal point and highlight with metallic paints 

Few more pictures of the final diary cover 
Isn't it  fun to play with colours and textures and give a wonderful look to the otherwise boring plain diary covers ??? And the great part is you can use materials that you already have at home.....

Sharing pics of one more such alteration 

Do give mix media a try and give objects around you a handmade touch. Its  a very forgiving art form and makes you feel like an artist.
Happy Crafting 
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!