Monday, 12 March 2018


Hello everyone 
Kitchen is that room in the home where food is it that simple.
It is said that the thoughts with which food is cooked, makes a lot of difference to our health. Food cooked with positive thoughts and love makes all the difference. It is rightly said
Sharing today handmade decor products, that enhance the kitchen space and make it inviting....and not to forget they have an attached utility as well !!!!

Shapes are very important to me, when I design. The chopping board shape is very interesting and apt for a kitchen decor. I have used it in various create a message/ reminder board, accessory holder and a wall clock.

These message boards,can also be used as magnets, when made in a smaller size.
These boards are made of mdf and are styled using decoupage technique. I have adhered  printed tissues and blended them by creating appropriate backgrounds. 
Every board has a wooden peg to hold a message. Embellishing the boards with twines, laces, flowers is interesting... I love to add details....

These wall pieces are bigger, around 1 feet and thicker as well...making them strong enough to hold cups, spoons, kitchen towels and other accessories...
They also carry a little note pad  for reminders and receipes....

Every woman is the queen of her kitchen and prepares her Ghar ka Khana everyday with love and meeting the time of everyone... A beautiful wall clock for all the lovely  ladies !!!!
Click here to visit the picture tutorial for this wall clock.

ALUMINIUM KETTLES makes a great decor piece for the kitchen and dining tops. 
This is one of my most loved, decoupaged creation, with coordinating coasters.....
Isn't it bright and cheerful !!!!

PICKLE JARS...these are sure to remind us of our grandparents. Each Indian home is definitely  a proud owner of one. 
Have decoupaged it with rice paper to make a great centre piece and perfect for dry serving.

MASON JARS....many of us have a collection of these in different sizes...
Its fun to alter them, they can be used as lamps as well...I have decoupaged them with rice paper, this time from the inside of jar....

MASON JAR SHAPE CHALKBOARDS....This interesting object when crafted in 2 dimension, turned into a great chalkboard. A utility product, that reminds of childhood. The fun of writing with chalks can never be forgotten and we look forward to it even today !!!

Again it is the shape of this object, that brings along so many ideas and urge to craft....
I have used decoupage technique to craft this caddy. It has a space to hold a couple of small mason jars and a cheerful bird to chirp all day through !!!

I have a step wise picture tutorial for this kitchen caddy here

I hope you have enjoyed this picture heavy post as much as I enjoyed sharing ideas for the kitchen space....
Create, Express, Enjoy ....
Happy Crafting !!!!