Monday, 17 September 2018

Candle Decoupage with Embossing Texture Paste Effects

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Today's post is very special to me as I am sharing my first craft video tutorial with everyone.  I am grateful to each one of you for showering so much love and support to my blog posts and appreciating the the content shared in the step wise picture tutorials. Hoping that you will enjoy my video tutorial and find it useful as well.
With the upcoming festive season, candles make a great gifting option. Today's post is about decoupage on candles and adding interesting effect to it with embossing texture paste. It is also my Design Team post for Itsy Bitsy- inspiration for the current month blog challenge where anything goes with embossing texture paste.

I have used embossing texture paste from Itsy Bitsy's own brand 'Little Birdie', to add interest to the otherwise simple decoupaged candle. 

Some important features of embossing texture paste-  
  1. Embossing texture paste comes in 12 different colours, in wide mouth jars for ease of use.
  2. It is a thick paste that can be applied through stencils or directly.
  3. You can use it with palette knife or  brush.
  4. It is a heat embossing texture paste which means that  the paste bubbles up to give a frothy/ puffed effect , when exposed to heat, using  a heat gun. Hair dryer does not do the job.
  5. The embossing texture paste can be used on all surfaces like wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper, fabric, terracotta etc.
  6. The paste is not washable, however  it is water resistant when dry. It adheres to the surface permanently, once heat set. Does not come off.
  7. The amount of bubbling / puffing of paste is proportionate to the thickness of paste applied and to the amount of heat/ time of heat, it is exposed to. More the thickness of paste applied, bigger will be the texture created and apply less thickness of paste for finer texture. Similarly, more the heat time, more will be the bubbling up and vice versa.
  8. Once the embossing paste is heat set to create the texture, it dries instantly and  can be further coloured with acrylic paints or colour sprays.
  9. When the embossing texture paste is heat set, the colour of paste lightens to a large extent.
  10. The embossing paste is used to add textures and give further depth and dimension to the project. It is a great way to create a moss effect or a frosty, snow effect with ease.
A bit about Decoupage on Candle- 
There are different ways of working on candles. Here I have decoupaged on candle, using decoupage napkins. I have used a white, cylindrical,  pillar candle that was lying with me. You can use candle of any shape and size. Itsy Bitsy has a wide range of candle making supplies for those who like to make their own candles. Have used  decoupage napkin named, 'Herbal Shelf' , from the store. Many beautiful designs are available in the decoupage craft category of the store. Basically the idea is to set the napkin into the candle, using a heat tool. With the heat tool, the wax melts, allowing  the napkin to adhere to the candle. Decoupage glue is not used for this work.
If you do not have a heat tool, you can use a hair dryer or iron for the process. However heat tool makes the process much easier and gives better results.

Tips for using Embossing Texture Paste on Candles-
I have used, embossing texture paste (colour - Berry Bliss) on candle, as this colour goes well with the colours in the decoupage napkin used. The embossing texture paste needs to be used with a little care on the candle, as when the paste is exposed to heat, the candle wax also melts . So do not use the heat tool continuously, stop or take it away in between. Else the wax may melt too much, distorting the shape of candle. Also when using the  embossing paste on top edge of candle, the wax melts and drips down on the already decoupaged napkin. Wipe that off immediately.

Close up of embossing texture paste effect- it's great for Christmas Candles.

Wonderful glow when lighted.

The beautiful succulents, napkin design- 'Herbal Shelf', with so much depth.

Here is the link to the video tutorial,  explaining  the entire process of decoupage on candle along with some added tips and information on how to use decoupage candles.

Hope you enjoy the video and find it informative. Looking forward to your feedback, with lots of excitement. 

Some pictures-

Wishing that the glow of candle brightens your space and adds lots of warmth and happiness to your lives.

Happy Crafting till we meet again.

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Vaishali Khandwala.