Sunday, 1 July 2018


Hello friends ....Hope everyone is crafting great !!!

Today's post is about different techniques that can be done with chalk paints. These techniques help to create beautiful backgrounds for decoupage, mix media or any other craft form that you enjoy. I have used new bright chalk paints from Itsy Bitsy and mdf (wooden) pieces to demonstrate six techniques !!!!

 Here's some useful information about chalk paints.
  • Chalk paints are acrylic paints with a chalky matte finish. No stickiness at all. This makes them great for furniture, box edges jamming of lids, drawer edges etc with them.
  • They can be used on all surfaces, directly without applying gesso.
  • They have a great coverage and are fast drying.
  • They can be mixed with each other to get different shades. Once dry they can be layered with other colours.
  • They can be mixed with gel mediums, texture paste , retarders and other mediums as well.
  • They can be easily sanded to get a further smooth finish and oppositely to get distressed look.
  • Great for dry brushing.
TECHNIQUE 1 - To create Sponged and Concrete Effect.

Steps to create the effects

Close up of concrete effect

TECHNIQUE  2 - Create a rust effect- Colour Layering.

Colour Layering process

TECHNIQUE 3-  Background with Texture tool and Chalk paints.

Steps for using texture tool

TECHNIQUE 4 - Fabric Effect with Dry Brushing.

 Process of dry brushing colours from light to dark 

TECHNIQUE 5- Background with Tissue paper.

Steps to create the effect

TECHNIQUE 6 - Distressing using wax technique. 

So here are some  background techniques using chalk paints. I hope they will be useful to you in your projects. I have varnished each piece with water based, decor varnish matte from Itsy Bitsy. You can read details about these wonderful techniques here

Spreading cheer and warmth with these happy colours ....
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!
Vaishali K.

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