Friday, 20 April 2018


Hello everyone.  

Hope all of you are doing great. Today's post is about one of the most interesting  aspect of decoupage ....Reverse Decoupage !!!!

Reverse - the word made me visit moments  down the memory lane.....the lovely childhood days and vacation times !!!!  It's this time of the year when  it is school holidays in most parts of India and mason jars at homes are filled with sour raw mangoes and tamarinds.....An opportunity to engage in some naughtiness....sneak into the kitchen and grab some delicacies, as the mother takes an afternoon nap. I am sure many of us can relate to this !!!!

My creation today.....An acrylic photo frame with reverse decoupage  depicts one such simple,  naughty childhood moment.

Some close ups of the photo frame and mason jar shape magnet 

I completely enjoyed the process of reverse decoupage and the crackle effect seen through the transparent surface is amazing. If you wish to give this technique a try do visit my Design Team post on  Itsy Bitsy blog here. I have a detailed step wise picture tutorial of the acrylic photo frame. 

Crackle medium and reverse decoupage compliment each other wonderfully. I also made an acrylic coaster size magnet using reverse decoupage technique. This time I have used two step crackle medium and have step wise images of its procedure as well on the above link.

Hope I have inspired you to try these wonderful techniques...Do give them a try.

Happy Crafting....
Create, Express, Enjoy !!!!!

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